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In Session with Bev Shipley

Dan Byelis talks with Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MP Bev Shipley on his retirement, challenges when he was the government, importance of small business, and state of the country under the current government.

Mayor Bill Dowson and upcoming Election

Bluewater mayor Bill Dowson discusses the upcoming municipal elections. Dan discusses Dowson’s history, life as a farmer, achievements in his municipality and desire to continue as Mayor.

Mayor Bill Dowson – Diamond Jubilee Medal Recipient

As a special segment guest Mayor Bill Dowson discusses his Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, his wife’s battle with cancer, and life as a mayor and father.

Mayor Bill Dowson – Update on Municipal Infrastructure Projects

Mayor Bill Dowson discusses what projects were allocated funds from the 7.5 million dollars infrastructure funding the municipality of Bluewater received from the province. Talks are still underway on how to spend the remaining infrastructure funds. Dowson also discusses his personal relationship views with provincial government, organizations in the community, and Dowson’s hope in seeing […]

In Session with MPs Ben Lobb and Bev Shipley

MPs Ben Lobb and Bev Shipley are back at ETM to discuss current government programs and funding.

MP’s Ben Lobb and Joe Preston In Studio

Huron-Bruce MP Ben Lobb was joined by Joe Preston, MP for Elgin-Middlesex-London to discuss government news and accomplishments, ideas and plans for growth and prosperity in local ridings.

In Session with MPs Ben Lobb and Bev Shipley

Members of parliament Ben Lobb and Bev Shipley were again in studio to discuss government initiatives, ideas, and plans for growth and prosperity.

In Session with MPs Ben Lobb and Bev Shipley

Members of parliament Ben Lobb and Bev Shipley joined Dan in studio to discuss building economic bridges with neighboring riding’s.

Newly Published Biography on MP Paul Steckle

Huron Bruce MP Paul Steckle’s political aide Greg McClinchey of 15 years has written a new book entitled “Stickin’ to His Guns”. A Through-the-Keyhole Look at Mr. Paul Daniel Steckle. McClinchey published the biography on Paul Steckle so people could see first hand the inner workings of Steckle as a MP the way Greg witnessed […]

Ontario PC Candidates Scott and Morley

Huron-Bruce PC Candidate Rob Morley and MPP for Haliburton-Victoria-Brock Laurie Scott made an appearance on ETM while Scott visited the riding. Morley and Scott visited with agriculture leaders at a family farm and Goderich Aircraft in Huron Park. Scott said health, agriculture, economic development, and education are important issues her party’s platform. Morley and Scott […]