Cornish Talks Common Sense

Is Multiculturalism A Credible Policy ? – A concept dissolving Nation Identity

Phil Cornish explains the concept of multiculturalism and its impact on nation identity, highlighting how it has led to the dissolution of national identity in the European Union and challenges in Canada. The underlying philosophy of secular humanism, as promoted by academics and elites, has proved ineffective in resolving conflicts and creating a new world […]

Self Deception – Why our Post-Modern World Disables Telling Truth from a Lie

Phil Cornish discusses the topic of Self-Deception, Why our Post-Modern World Disables Telling Truth from a Lie, which he suggests is a challenge for humans. He argues that the concept of truth has been diminished and cast aside in a postmodern world, where there is no objective component to it. Cornish emphasizes the importance of […]

The Israel Hamas War – What the History Tells Us

With the current conflict in Israel between Israel and Hamas, which has attracted significant global attention, Phil Cornish attempts to explain why it attracts so much global attention and highlights the historical nature of the conflict, which has been ongoing for thousands of years. Phil also touches on the Advent of postmodernism, which emphasizes subjective […]

Is the State of Our World Progressing ? – Cornish Talks Common Sense

Is the State of Our World Progressing ? Taking a Discerning Look at Where Mankind is Headed Many people simply assume that mankind and our world are making progress toward a utopian future. But is this really true? The development of technology and science, improvements in our standard of living and the growth of wealth […]

Repercussions of the Expanding Influence of Psychiatric Intervention – Cornish Talks Common Sense

The Repercussions of the Expanding Influence of Psychiatric Intervention in Our Lives – How the Creation of Trauma and Victimhood Have Come to Dominate Our Perspective The subtle explosive growth of psychiatric influences in all facets of our lives has brought about a dramatic alteration of how we perceive and conduct ourselves in the world […]

Where is Our Economy Headed in 2023 – Cornish Talks Common Sense

Where is Our Economy Headed in 2023 – How Government Policy is Damaging Our Financial Future Inflation. Recession. Increasing Debt. Rising Interest Rates. All of these trends are unfolding in the aftermath of the COVID19 pandemic. Is this inevitable What are the right policies to maintain a healthy economy In this episode we focus on […]

Artificial Intelligence – The Promise and Peril for Our Future – Cornish Talks Common Sense

In this episode we consider the explosive growth of artificial intelligence, opening doors to new technological marvels – but also raising serious concerns about the impact on humanity’s future. From a Judeo-Christian perspective, the feat of man in making a form of intelligent creation in his own image represents a dangerous hubris that threatens to […]

The Transgender Phenomenon – A Social Contagion Causing Untold Harm – Cornish Talks Common Sense

Ideological terrorism is being unleashed on society and Judeo-Christian values at a unprecedent rate, in this video Phil looks at the phenomenon of transgenderism and those responsible for introducing this ideology into society. The transgender ideology now corrupting society into untold moral and ethical depravity is destroying lives and bodies, creating irreversible harm for what […]

The Tyranny of Cancel Culture’s Ideological Terrorism – The Attack on Judeo-Christian Values

In this video Phil Cornish points out the rise of political correctness, cancel culture, and the manipulation of language by changing the meaning of words and making up new ones. Phil refers to cancel culture and wokeism as ideological terrorism that threatens to tear apart our fabric of society and destroy those that hold Judeo-Christian […]

Current Events Predicted In My Book – Cornish Talks Common Sense

Is this video Phil Cornish author of Now Through A Glass Darkly goes through some of the issues he wrote about more than 25 years ago that are happening today. Using the bible as the source for these predictions, Phil also referred to others who envisioned current events that are happening today.