Meet the Dowson Family of Bluewater Ontario

Bluewater mayor Bill Dowson who resides in Varna ON, joined by his wife Joyce, daughters Brenda and Bonnie, and son John discuss lives and roles in the community.

0:00 Introduction to the Dowsons
5:27 John Dowson
5:52 Bonnie Groot
6:35 Brenda Consitt
7:07 Joyce Dowson
8:19 Bill Dowson Mayoral History
10:23 Dan’s Commentary
14:45 Talk with Joyce
16:42 Talk with Brenda
17:17 Talk with Bonnie
18:10 Talk with John
22:20 Bonnie’s role in the Community
24:04 Brenda’s experience campaigning for Dad
26:15 Dowson Family History
29:59 Joyce’s Family History and Marriage
33:22 Bills Family History
35:04 Dan’s Commentary Recap
37:03 Bill’s role as Santa Claus
40:17 Dan’s Commentary on Family History
41:39 Christmas Day Dinner at Dowson’s
42:20 Raising Children
43:40 Dan’s Commentary on Dowson’s
47:30 Bill’s Bypass Surgery
48:38 Dan’s reconciliation of heart attack
51:20 Reason for celebrating Christmas
55:22 Conclusion