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The Great Unraveling – Is Society Unraveling ? – Cornish Talks Common Sense

I this show Phil looks at how society is unraveling, points out examples and where we are headed. Phil recaps the 3 underlying Principles that are causing society to fracture, including secular humanism ideology, and distorted view of diversity inclusion and equity. The main influencers for this ideology stem from the philosophers Jacques Derrida and […]

China’s Role in the World Today – Cornish Talks Common Sense

Evaluating China’s influence and impact on countries around the world. Phil highlights China’s actions on taking control of rare earth resources, human rights violations, the trafficking of fentanyl into North America from China that has lead to the death of thousands. China’s claims of control over Taiwan and other south sea islands is causing alarms […]

Trudeau Government Track Record – Cornish Talks Common Sense

In this video Phil Cornish takes a fair look at PM Trudeau’s handling of the Freedom Convoy protest compared to the Railway blockades in 2020. The invoking of the Emergencies Act to remove protestors and the overreach used by the Trudeau government. The billions wasted on vaccines that were never used, the over one trillion […]

The Overturning of Roe v. Wade – The Legacy and The Consequences – Cornish Talks Common Sense

In light of the decision by the US Supreme Court that overturned Roe V Wade, Phil looks at the aftermath the Roe V Wade decision has left since 1973. The consequences and how society has changed after nearly 50 years.

PM Trudeau Handling of Canada’s Freedom Convoy – Invoking the Emergencies Act – Cornish Common Sense

In this video Phil Cornish looks at PM Trudeau’s handling of the Freedom Convoy Protestors in February 2022. As a result of the Trudeau government invoking the Emergencies Act to remove protestors, Canadian legal organizations are challenging the invocation of the Emergencies Act in court. Phil explains how Trudeau’s decisions and policies are based wokeism […]

Origins of Gender Identity – The case of David Reimer – Cornish Talks Common Sense

In this show Phil Cornish looks at the social construct known as Gender Identity. Phil explains how the term was created by psychiatrist who believe people can transition their sex based on phycological sex, on how one feels and not based on genetic sex. Psychiatrist promoting transitioning ones sex for children can have devastating consequences […]

Critical Race Theory – A Distortion of History Fracturing Society – Cornish Talks Common Sense

In this video Phil Cornish looks at Critical Race Theory which has created a significant culture divide in western civilization. Phil explains how Critical Race Theorist look at history from a anti-Colonialism and anti-white supremacist perspective. Viewing history from a race and ethnic oriented perspective is causing division and fracturing society.

Gender Dysphoria and Zoanthropy – The case of a women believing she was a chicken

In this show Phil Cornish looks at Gender Dysphoria and a case of Zoanthropy that is causing confusion and delusion in society. The case of a women believing she was a chicken is a example of a person convinced they have turned into an animal.

Cornish Talks Common Sense – The Truth About Roe V Wade

In light of a leaked US Supreme Court draft decision that could overturn the 1973 Case Roe V. Wade, Phil Cornish recaps the history of the case Roe V. Wade and how the decision was not based in sound law. Phil walks through the promotion of abortion rights in the ’70s based on false ideas […]

Cornish Talks Common Sense Debut Show

In this educational program lawyer Phil Cornish provides insight and explanation of important issues and current events based on evidence and truth that is most effecting society today. In this show Phil looks at underlying principles that shape world views today and gives examples of Canada’s national debt and misleading reporting in legacy media.