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The Transgender Phenomenon – A Social Contagion Causing Untold Harm – Cornish Talks Common Sense

Ideological terrorism is being unleashed on society and Judeo-Christian values at a unprecedent rate, in this video Phil looks at the phenomenon of transgenderism and those responsible for introducing this ideology into society. The transgender ideology now corrupting society into untold moral and ethical depravity is destroying lives and bodies, creating irreversible harm for what […]

The Tyranny of Cancel Culture’s Ideological Terrorism – The Attack on Judeo-Christian Values

In this video Phil Cornish points out the rise of political correctness, cancel culture, and the manipulation of language by changing the meaning of words and making up new ones. Phil refers to cancel culture and wokeism as ideological terrorism that threatens to tear apart our fabric of society and destroy those that hold Judeo-Christian […]

Current Events Predicted In My Book – Cornish Talks Common Sense

Is this video Phil Cornish author of Now Through A Glass Darkly goes through some of the issues he wrote about more than 25 years ago that are happening today. Using the bible as the source for these predictions, Phil also referred to others who envisioned current events that are happening today.

The Attack on Christianity by Intolerant Postmodernism Views – Cornish Talks Common Sense

In this video Phil Cornish points out the decline in religious affiliation, particularly Christianity, and as such Judeo-Christian beliefs and morals are being attacked by a ever growing secular postmodern view of the world. Christians are being persecuted and forced into violating their conscience through laws and discrimination when speaking out for their beliefs. Phil […]

Canada’s Emergencies Act Inquiry – What we’ve learned so far – Cornish Talks Common Sense

Host Phil Cornish points out the media bias on reporting the 2022 Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, and through further testimony at the inquiry shows the protests were peaceful. Further testimonies at the inquiry reveal there was conflicts with police forces on a plan, and as one officer testified the Emergencies Act was not needed. Phil […]

The Great Unraveling – Is Society Unraveling ? – Cornish Talks Common Sense

I this show Phil looks at how society is unraveling, points out examples and where we are headed. Phil recaps the 3 underlying Principles that are causing society to fracture, including secular humanism ideology, and distorted view of diversity inclusion and equity. The main influencers for this ideology stem from the philosophers Jacques Derrida and […]

China’s Role in the World Today – Cornish Talks Common Sense

Evaluating China’s influence and impact on countries around the world. Phil highlights China’s actions on taking control of rare earth resources, human rights violations, the trafficking of fentanyl into North America from China that has lead to the death of thousands. China’s claims of control over Taiwan and other south sea islands is causing alarms […]

Trudeau Government Track Record – Cornish Talks Common Sense

In this video Phil Cornish takes a fair look at PM Trudeau’s handling of the Freedom Convoy protest compared to the Railway blockades in 2020. The invoking of the Emergencies Act to remove protestors and the overreach used by the Trudeau government. The billions wasted on vaccines that were never used, the over one trillion […]

The Overturning of Roe v. Wade – The Legacy and The Consequences – Cornish Talks Common Sense

In light of the decision by the US Supreme Court that overturned Roe V Wade, Phil looks at the aftermath the Roe V Wade decision has left since 1973. The consequences and how society has changed after nearly 50 years.

PM Trudeau Handling of Canada’s Freedom Convoy – Invoking the Emergencies Act – Cornish Common Sense

In this video Phil Cornish looks at PM Trudeau’s handling of the Freedom Convoy Protestors in February 2022. As a result of the Trudeau government invoking the Emergencies Act to remove protestors, Canadian legal organizations are challenging the invocation of the Emergencies Act in court. Phil explains how Trudeau’s decisions and policies are based wokeism […]